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Tomorrows Tune

To Marcy Howard

Music plays inside the mind,
Memories of events now gone,
And as the lyrics speak to you,
The tears just come along,
The beat and tempo of the song,
Transport you to a time and day,
When smiles and laughter filled the air,
And music led the way.
Good and bad in just one song,
With the good mere memory,
But how do you overcome,
The pain we daily see,
Yet as the song brings a smile,
This smile is watered by tears,
As in the depth of reverie,
Are the notes that no one hears.
Pain and pleasure in every note,
But which of them will win,
Or is it that the music’s beat,
Begins the memories spin,
Every time the music plays,
Its like standing in the rain,
With pleasure being the memories,
And your absence being my pain.
       Only you!!!



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