As We Go


On this journey through our lives,
We learn along the way,
We learn of things that we should fear,
And things we shouldn’t say,
Experience is our teacher,
But in the end what things are true,
The pathway that we’ve taken,
Includes all that we’ve been through.
We remember certain things,
Lessons that we’ve learned,
And all the things we hold inside,
Are the hopes and fears we’ve earned,
Along the way we see and feel,
Emotions become something we see,
At times held hostage by them,
Though other times they set us free.
At times we’re made by environment,
With results we can’t escape,
And in our minds the solace,
Becomes our unworn cape,
The mind cultivates it’s opinions,
But it’s the heart that holds our dreams,
While in the course of living life,
The heart whispers and it screams.
At times there are sights and sounds,
That add to what we know,
As all the things we have and hold,
Just make the emotions grow,
Some things though go beyond experience,
They move us to our souls,
Sometimes with no understanding,
As to why we’re given this role.
Along the way the heart is moved,
And we learn the reasons for our fears,
And in a temporary cleansing,
We’re moved to flowing tears,
Along the way we truly learn,
There are real things that can’t be seen,
And if we’re moved to feel love,
You know exactly what the heart means.
At times we have both pleasure and pain,
Things we know but don’t understand,
And though we possess intelligence,
Who we are our hearts demand,
Along the way love is found,
And I’ve learned that it is real,
With the knowledge that it exists,
Each day it’s what we feel.

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