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At the End of a Rainbow


There are times when I wonder,
What events may lie ahead,
Rewards for how we live our lives,
Or this feeling of being dead,
We chase the proverbial pot of gold,
And a rainbow becomes our clue,
But conditions must be perfect,
For that rainbow to shine through.
Does the mind support our lofty goals,
Yet when does the heart chime in,
What lies at our rainbows end,
And where does it begin,
On a bright and sunny day,
Where does our rainbow abide,
If in the sunlight it’s hidden,
Is fulfillment to us denied.
Though the rainbow is hidden,
Does that mean it doesn’t exist,
Or as we chase our hopes and dreams,
Is that rainbow what we resist,
Through our lives we chase those dreams,
With the hope we will attain,
And in the morning when we wake,
Is love what still remains.
Rain comes down from a sunny sky,
And a rainbow is clearly seen,
Does fulfillment of our dreams and hopes,
Lie somewhere in between,
But mixed within our lives events,
Are the things that never die,
A dream we search for through our days,
That lives inside our eyes.
As we chase the things we need,
There are other things we acquire,
And as we look for our rainbows end,
We’re confronted with all we desire,
It’s a question we seem to ponder,
An emotion we clearly chase,
Love exists inside our hearts,
Is our effort what we waste.
Rainbows exist inside our lives,
They are real though seldom seen,
And love acts like those rainbows,
There but still unseen,
Though love at times seems like a rainbow,
That doesn’t make it less than real,
The pot of gold at the rainbow’s end,
Is the love that our hearts feel.

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