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Movie Mine

To Marcy Howard

The movie’s playing inside our lives,
Yet right now it seems on pause,
As the love that we found,
Is lost in lives applause,
We hold love but are apart,
And it only, makes it mean more,
Because now that we have found,
We’ re not searching as before.
Something special we embraced,
As we hold each other tight,
But the demons of the past,
Turned daylight into night,
Right now another scene is playing,
Even love stories have their pain,
But through the plot that unfolds,
Marcy’s, all that remains.
Movies are said to mirror tales,
Of adventure and of need,
And even in the fairy tales,
The heroes sometimes bleeds,
Every day this movie plays,
If only in my heart,
As I wonder what comes next,
Or if love plays its part.
There is no need for popcorn,
The movie plays inside,
And the need I have for you,
Is impossible to hide,
As this movie plays for me,
I see Marcy’s face,
For every moment that passes by,
Is a scene that life erased.
This movie has an ending,
And the ending is very real,
For our hearts are the projectors,
And the screen is what we feel,
The movie is a timeless show,
In it you’re my mate,
And Marcy as this movie plays,
For our scene, I will wait.
   No surrender!



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