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The Dark's Design

To Marcy Howard

In the darkness of the night;a lone figure cries out in pain,
Seeking to deaden the numbness;which it seems is all he’s gained,
Can pain be measured by mortal man;if each day itvgrows,
And if you look into my eyes;can you tell me if it shows.
Life had held so many things;and inside this pain there’s joy,
For I found you the one I need;my soul now made your toy,
As I hide among the living;my body’s just a shell,
Lost inside the memories;of the lies we told so well.
In the darkness with this pain;sometimes there’s a tear,
While now it seems I’m all alone;and with the loneliness comes the fear,
That memories are all I’ll have;that life is something less,
That love and pain are intertwined; that this is love’s true test.
The truth sometimes lies deeply hidden;pretended to not exist,
But loving you is something which;I’m powerless to resist,
I know you hold me in your heart;your actions prove it true,
And the only moment that I have peace;is when I think of you.
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