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At Times

to Marcy Howard

At times the world comes crashing in,
And at those times I wish I’d cry,
At times I feel there’s still tears left,
Yet at times, I know it’s a lie,
At times I wear a happy smile,
And at times that smile is real,
At times I accept I might be alone,
But at times that’s not what I feel.
At times the darkness closes in,
But at times I feel your light,
At times I wish I held you close,
Yet that time is only at night,
At times this life seems just a dream,
And at times I hate the day,
At times this life holds fear and pain,
And at times the nightmares play.
At no time does this emotion die,
Though at times the effort’s made,
At no time does this love go away,
Though at times we choose to trade,
At no time does belief in you stop,
Though at times the hope grows thin,
And at no time will I not need you,
Because, at all times with you I win.
At times I wish we’d walk some more,
And at no time does desire fade,
At times I need to hear your voice,
And at no time, was love a charade,
At times I need to close my eyes,
And at no time is it another face,
At times the hope is all I have,
And at no time is that hope erased.
At times the memories are more than real,
And those times are when I dream,
At times I can think of no one else,
And at times my need just screams,
At times I know you think of me,
And at all times I think of you,
And through all the time of every day,
At all times this heart’s for you.



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