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Among the Wind


A cold wind blows the snow around,
It’s a day to stay inside,
It’s hard to even try to walk,
From this cold you can not hide,
The snow becomes a moving wall,
As the wind makes it change it’s shape,
As curtains of snow seem to dance,
Like winter’s snow white cape.
There are no people walking around around,
And the wind seems to have a voice,
Blowing the snow into spirals,
And the falling snowflakes have no choice,
The weather at times can be dangerous,
Especially when an arctic blast,
But we contain the knowledge,
It’s only while winter lasts.
Safe inside our heated homes,
Yet we still feel winters chill,
Waiting for the wind to cease,
And heat for our window sill,
Back and forth our preferences sway,
From winters cold to summers heat,
Pouring rain to skies of blue,
From freezing rain to sleet.
Though the winds may shriek and howl,
Their voice a blowing scream,
The ice will melt when spring time comes,
It will thaw the frozen streams,
Ice is just frozen water,
It’s purpose is still the same,
And behind the snowy picture,
Hides warmth without a frame.
Like the heather in so many ways,
As people our weather’s inside,
And watching the snow and blowing wind,
There are some things we can not hide,
If we struggle against the wind,
Our warmth it seems to steal,
Yet when our warmth is held within,
Though unseen it’s something real.
We can feel the summer’s warmth,
But we also feel the winter’s cold,
Magnified by thoughts held within,
And the dreams that are never told,
Cold winds might blow snow around,
Yet the heart retains it’s heat,
And though the mind provides the wind,
Love in the heart it can’t defeat.

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