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Face the Face


Our faces show our expressions,
But are those expressions what we truly feel,
It’s hard to mirror the things inside,
Even harder to show they’re real,
The mind seems to follow a path,
That is the path of least resistance,
Yet the heart holds on to certain dreams,
With the soul’s insistence.
A smile lights a wrinkled face,
While just the individual understands,
The person behind those smiling eyes,
Only portrayed by the heart’s demands,
Is the happiness you see displayed,
Real or just a role,
Is the person accepted for who they are,
Has anyone known the whole.
A face has tears streaming down,
Are they for sadness or for joy,
And until that question’s answered,
Why assume emotion’s just their toy,
Assumptions do not prove a thing,
They’re like the cover to a book,
You can never know the story within,
If you never take the time to look.
A face shows an array of emotions,
But does it reflect the accompanying pain,
What things might you have to lose,
If there’s nothing you can gain,
There in lies the problem,
We think other’s are just like us,
But every person’s different,
And it’s hard the heart to trust.
The face may show a telltale heart,
Or it might show noting at all,
It’s only what we’re allowed to see,
If it’s our hearts that loudly call,
What you see on someone’s face,
Might only be what’s allowed to show,
If you never read the pages within,
It’s then only stories that grow.
A face may hold a road map,
But it does not show the miles,
There’s more to every story,
Than just the charming smiles,
Before you decide who someone is,
Take the time to know what they feel,
Maybe then the perceptions held,
Will match what the face says is real.

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