To Marcy Howard

Sometimes words are not the foe, its the words that were never spoken,
But if words are used as pointed barbs, they are and become pains real token,
Words might take on many forms, yet silence can say more,
As all the things left unsaid, are the things a heart fights for.
Spoken words are sometimes heard, but true meanings between the lines,
And if you can not see the clues, its silence that defines,
Words spoken are something real, being uttered they’re in the head,
Once they’re spoken they’re forever alive, something proving the hearts not dead.
Words at times must be enough, to convey the things we feel,
And when those words are all you hold, at times they seem less real,
The words remembered  hang in the air, but its the voice you can’t forget,
While in this silence we now live, with that memory we are left.
A scientist can not tell us, what lives inside our soul,
An unseen thing we know we need, can clearly take its toll,
Hopes are pinned on voices heard, your voice echoes through my dreams,
And this wordless hell in which we live, drowns our nightmares screams..
.          I live for you!!!!



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