A Tear Unseen

To M

Each of us has those moments,
When a tear rolls from the eye,
We pride purselves on being strong,
But if unseen, is the tear a lie,
Though no one may see that teardrop fall,
That doesn’t make it any less real,
And as the tear rolls down our cheek,
Is it saltwater that we feel.
That tear may exist for many reasons,
For joy or pain or even sorrow,
A memory that touches us,
From the past through tomorrow,
And though that tear contains some salt,
It can also hold hopes and dreams,
Though it can not say a word,
It still holds whispers and holds screams.
Sometimes a tear just might be held,
So it falls when none can see,
A feeling that is hidden well,
But the tears trail makes it free,
Tears are used to cleanse the eye,
Can they also cleanse our souls,
Or do they just come seeping out,
The walls still have some holes.
Once that tear starts it’s journey,
It’s path is to disappear,
Yet the face that it’s rolling down
In the mirror still seems to care,
The unseen tear means nothing less,
Because to it’s bearer is very real,
And though the world may not see,
It’s still a drop of what we feel.
Tears might fall on a stage,
Just a part of someone’s role,
Emotion faked for the show,
A teardrop that someone stole,
No matter what the reason,
Those tears that go unseen,
Are enough to water emotions,
So it grows somewhere in between.
If you see a stranger cry,
Think of the unseen tears you shed,
Maybe then you can really see,
What exists in heart and head,
And when I look in the mirror,
I see the telltale stains,
The unseen tear ran down my cheeks,
For the love that still remains.

September 10th,2016

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