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Chained to Midnight

To Marcy Howard

Midnight holds me in his hand;it shadows where we may walk,
And even if our lips seem to move;why is it that we don’t talk,
I hear the music of your voice;I feel your trembling touch,
I stroke your long jet black hair;that each day I miss so much.
Midnight may be the witching hour;but its become my paradise,
As the moonlight shows your features;and with a reflection reflection I see you twice,
I see your smile, I see that light;but its clearer in my dreams,
Though a dream may be hard to hold;so are the constant screams.
The chains that bind me to the night:are a sort that will never break,
Even if I might wait alone;that’s the chance I already take,
Emotion helps the chains to bind;but assumptions are the lock,
As the dream reaches out;the darkness holds it’s clock.
Though it might be chains that hold me;this soul still roams about,
As in the darkness a whispered word;seems louder than a shout,
In these dreams I hold you;with that sparkle in your eyes,
As we walk hand in hand;with smiles as our disguise,
I close my eyes to go to sleep;the chain attaches in the light,
And in the darkness I hold you close;both heart and soul now chained to midnight.
    Only you!!



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