In the darkness late at night, when eyes are tightly closed,
Rainbows of colors assault the eyes, the dreams that no one knows,
Fireballs sail in clear view, memories come alive,
Explosions seem to light the night, as it’s then the heart decides.
Memories take on colorful shapes, reminders of the past,
Yet it seems there’s naught we do, to make the fireworks last,
Hopes and dreams might come alive, but there’s substance to our fears,
And all the colors that we see, are a rainbow made of tears.
All around its dark and shadowed, but in sreams the colors real,
And if our eyes are tightly closed, are these colors what we feel,
As the past shows its colors, in a dream in a darkened night,
Are there colors that could say, if something’s wrong or if it’s right.
While we sleep the heart still beats, are these colors what it projects,
Or could it be a broken heart, with these colors itself protects,
No matter how we look at it, regardless what people might say,
All these colors are points of light, from some distant yesterday.
Every night the color red, colors all my dreams,
And every brilliant flash of light, echoes all the screams,
Red becomes a flash of passion, or at times a stab of pain,
Either way a sure reminder, that each day love still remains.
Dreams might live or dreams might die, and sometimes a color fades,
But in the darkness late at night, a heart protects the choice its made,
The color in my life is you, has been since the day we met,
And every night these colors say, love’s not forgotten yet.

March 3rd, 2016

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