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to Marcy Howard

There, is not, a moment, or a time, I can forget,
In the life, I found, with you, there’s only, one regret,
That, you’re not, still here with me, so these, moments, could be shared,
Hanging on, to hopes and dreams, floating promises, in the air.
Forever, is not, a lifetime, it’s all, eternity,
Just, when our, souls touched, two, became we,
I can feel, your sadness, I, also, feel your pain,
For, all the feelings, that we share, all, still remain.
My mind, is not my own, my soul, is torn, in two,
Because, the half, that makes, me whole, is sitting, there, with you,
As, you walk that treadmill, As, you drive your car,
I, am there, beside you, no matter, where you are.
Though, I made, a dumb mistake, it proves, that I, was trying,
Things, can’t stay, the way they are, because, both of us, are dying,
We have, the opportunity, to hold love, in our hands,
It, will take, a lot of work, but, that’s, what this demands.



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