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The Product of a Dream


A trip into the distant past,
Even if only in the mind,
The echo of a memory,
Or a dream we hope to find,
Eyes are closed but still we see,
The dreams projected from the heart,
And with all the hopes and dreams we have,
We give tomorrow a start.
Doors are locked inside the mind,
Does someone have the key,
Is the lock now to rusty,
For the heart to feel its free,
As we drift in to deeper sleep,
There is no real light,
For even though the eyes are closed,
The heart provides us sight.
Heart and mind begin a picture show,
That in detail flashes by,
To places not so long ago,
That live inside the eyes,
Nothing of the here and now,
Yet past and future are often real,
The projection of inner hopes and dreams,
And those things inside we feel.
At times a thoght might make us sad,
Or a dream may bring a tear,
Life is full of good and bad,
If it isn’t lived in fear,
Tomorrow is another day,
Though the past is kept on mind,
As we slumber things we see,
Are those dreams we hope to find.
Every day that we awake,
Is a future we can’t resist,
And all the emotions that are stirred,
Become real if they persist,
While we think back we begin to smile,
Because while dreaming we can see,
A heart provides the fuel for dreams,
The only place we’re free.

June 28th,2016

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