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Heart for Heart

To Marcy Howard

We gave our hearts to one another,
An act we can’t take back,
While we hold the thing we found,
Through the pain that might attack,
As we trade our happiness,
For the illusions from the past,
Hoping that these memories,
Can make tomorrow last.
The heart that beats inside my chest,
Only beats for you,
And though right now its an irregular beat,
It doesn’t alter my view,
These hearts each pump deep red blood,
The color which you prefer,
And also the color that in my dreams,
Stirs the memories to occur.
We can not trade our hearts away,
And I will not even try,
As this heart I gave to you,
Is yours until I die,
I understand the need inside,
That my happiness lives in your eyes,
And while the heart plays its tune,
Love has its disguise.
This heart is yours under a clear blue sky,
Its yours in the falling rain,
Holding you is my salvation,
In the midst of all this pain,
We lived through our trepidations,
Under storm clouds we had our start,
Now forever linked together,
As our souls submitted, giving heart for heart!
          I found you!!!



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