The Eyes Have It

To Marcy Howard

Who I am and what I’ll be,
Is locked behind blue eyes,
As the brown eyes of your face,
Are the mask of loves disguise,
Holding all the promises,
Holding tomorrows hopeful light,
Lighting up a darkened soul,
And lighting up my night.
A mirror only shows the pain,
While a picture holds a soul,
And though the darkness reaches out,
Your eyes become my role,
Paradise held in dark brown eyes.
Yet at times they hold my hell,
And as they hold a loving sparkle,
They hold alone as well.
My eyes it seems are blind these days,
Because I only see one thing,
The love that lives inside your eyes,
And what their absence brings,
Though ensnared inside this web,
Made of dark brown eyes,
Those same eyes are all I am,
And my own are happys disguise.
    Only you!!!!
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