Do We


Do we want what others have,
Or do we only want what we need,
Do we take joy from our emotions,
Or feel joy when others bleed,
Do we acknowledge the things we feel,
Or pretend they are not there,
And do we hold our happiness,
As a voice that none can hear.
Do we hear unspoken words,
As we lie awake at night,
And do we look at things we found,
With the question are they right,
Do we take a part in life,
Or let it pass right by,
Do we look at our image,
And see love living in the eyes.
Do we speak yet not say a thing,
Just wanting to hear our voice,
Do we question when love began,
Like we ever had a choice,
Do we know who we might be,
And of others do we even care,
Do we see what’s in our hearts,
Our heart’s voice can we even hear.
Do we see both wrong and right,
As a song is continually playing,
And do we ever really feel,
What another person’s saying,
Do we see our image clearly,
Or see another’s face,
And do we see our path ahead,
Or get stuck in some dark place.
Do we have the ability,
To hold on to things we found,
And do we know that love can grow,
Even without sound,
Do we see a candle burning,
Since the day a love began,
Or do we push it to the side,
Because we just can’t understand.
Do we hide our hearts away,
When we experience any pain,
Do we see the tears we cry,
As just some useless rain,
Do we know that love is real,
Is that love allowed to be free,
Do we keep love always alive,
I do, but do we.

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