The Cure for Darkness


There are times when darkness invades,
When that darkness beats in our chest,
Though there’s also light at times,
In the darkness the heart protests,
There must be a healthy mixture,
More light than there is dark,
Because if darkness overtakes the light,
On our heart it leaves a mark.
Our dreams are filled with all our hopes,
With things that drive our souls,
But at the end of the day what’s normal,
What fills the hearts gaping holes,
We put our all into an emotion,
But do we stare into a bottomless pit,
As we experience the highs and lows,
And learn of our true grit.
Can we miss a person so much,
That normal function doesn’t exist,
That holding on becomes a thing,
Which we continually resist,
When you say what’s on your mind,
Does anyone really hear,
Is love what you base your life on,
Or is it only what you fear.
We would all like our lives,
To be a series of positive events,
But in the course of living life,
Do our hearts or minds prevent,
Is it possible to maintain a balance,
As we struggle towards what we need,
And reaching from the darkness,
Can the heart be whole yet still bleed.
Though darkness may surround us,
A light exists inside,
Love becomes the only thing,
That we’re powerless to hide,
There is no perfect formula,
To keep the darkness at bay,
But love becomes a molding force,
To make the darkness go away.
Though at times there’s utter darkness,
Love remains a shining light,
Opening doors we thought were closed,
To chase away the night,
Love can take on many roles,
And of one thing we can be sure,
When the darkness comes to you,
You only want love more.

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