No One Near


Through the pain of loneliness,
And through the pain of loss,
With the inability to grieve,
Is the self somehow the cost,
If we cry out in the night,
Can anybody hear,
Caught inside the knowledge,
The question is anybody near.
We take steps to insulate,
A heart that’s torn in pieces,
As we struggle with the past,
And the fear that just increases,
At night we sit in the darkness,
To shed an unseen tear,
Love stares us in the face,
Yet it feels like no one’s near,
The mind makes up excuses,
For the fact we’re now alone,
With the darkness that surrounds us,
The reason we’re unknown,
Our cries are somehow soundless,
In a life we can not spare,
As we grow used to knowing,
That we’re left with no one near.
Constantly we use our voice,
To speak to empty rooms,
As we’re repeatedly confronted,
With a darkness that each day looms,
Can a nightmare carry solace,
Is it the product of our fear,
Can the darkness be a comfort,
Even though there’s no one near.
Is there some way to look forward,
Do we only have the here and now,
Is there a way to overcome the past,
Or does it chain us somehow,
Do we carry pain with the knowledge,
That it’s hard to learn to care,
Or are we inundated,
With the thought there’s no one near.
Loss may seem to make us,
Feel like the walking dead,
But love can change those thoughts,
When held in heart and head,
If love is held somewhere within,
It’s a whispered voice we hear,
And with this love that lives inside,
There’s always someone near.

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