A Memories Echo

To Marcy

Water sparkles like iridescent gems,
As a gentle breeze stirs the air,
Memories whisper in the wind,
If we choose to actually hear,
The water’s surface ripples,
By the ripples the mirrors altered,
And as the whispers reach our heart,
We’re reminded love doesn’t falter.
Treetops glisten from recent rain,
Drops of water reflecting light,
As memories assault the mind,
Coming alive deep in the night,
A scenery dependent on water,
Without it nothing could live,
And the love embedded in the heart,
Is the gift we all should give.
We open our eyes and the picture changes,
Yet somehow is still the same,
As something that began so long ago,
Is all that still remains,
A sea of green stands before us,
With drops of color dispersed througout,
An external mirror,
Of the things we dream about.
Thw drops of color being flowers,
In this field do they mean more,
Are they points of reflected memories,
Things felt in days before,
Can they be the color in our lives,
Echoes of days now past,
Or are they omens of things to come,
Love that’s free at last.
Smoke at times may fill the air,
Or we might feel as if we’re broken,
But emotion can mend a broken heart,
And not become a dime store token,
No matter the scenery before us,
It’s about what lives inside,
As that picture perfect setting,
Has so much that it may hide.
A heart has no eyes to see,
Yet at times it seems to know,
That something etched in a heart of stone,
Amazingly continues to grow,
So the memories we hold onto,
Make love a memories echo,
And if over time we feel the same,
We hold each other as memories echo.

August 27th,2016

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