Falling Still

To Marcy Howard

It seems these days I find myself,
Always turning my head,
Hoping for a glimpse of you,
But it’s someone else instead,
I’ve exercised every option,
I’ve used every ounce of will,
Yet even without you in my arms,
Every day I’m falling still.
It seems my dreams all contain,
Thoughts and visions of you,
And through this life’s up and downs,
I’m nothing without you,
I attempted to make myself hate you,
I dulled the pain with a pill,
Poured sanity from a bottle,
But for you I’m falling still.
Every morning that I wake up,
This heart beats out your name,
I then remember what I dreamed
And with these empty arms I’ll never be the same,
This heart is yours as long as it beats,
And thoughts of you instill,
The belief I’ll hold you in my arms,
Because without you Im falling still.
       Only you.



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