Move On

To Marcy Howard

I’ve been told since you left; I should find somebody new,
But you’re the woman that I need;the one I love is you,
I don’t need another woman;I only need your touch,
I need to know that your safe; since lately it snows so much.
Advice I’m given is walk away; but I can’t listen to what is said,
The path for me is in my heart;not somewhere in my head,
I know you feel the same as I;your eyes prove it true,
And as a man I will hold no other;until I’m holding you
Could it mean that I’m obsessed; yet I know that’s wrong
The way I feel about only you;means tomorrow comes along,
I know that my tomorrows;hold you like yesterday,
My happiness is in your arms;
And there is no other way.
I know there are moments;when our eyes cloud with tears,
Thinking of what we found;and drowning in our fears,
In those moments we hold each other;and hold a love not gone,
With a hope for tomorrow;and while alive, we can’t move on.
          You only!!!



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