Fickle Fate

To Marcy Howard

We travel over many miles;we search our whole lives through,
And over a lifetimes constant search;I keep finding you,
As we ponder the question why;but only the heart can know,
Whether the eyes spoke to us;and whether it all was just a show.
All the things we’ve been through;fate put us together,
Through the laughter through the tears;regardless of the weather,
Fate took its fickle hand; inserting us into its plan,
Having pity on our souls;uniting a woman and a man.
Miles may separate us;but this heart holds on to yours,
And each night when I dream;together we explore,
The endless possibilities; the uniting of two souls,
As one without the other;leaves us both less than whole.
Though I no longer search this life;now I have to wait,
For the thing we both found; in the fickle hand of fate,
Fate carried me through this life;will fate take the memories away,
And fate also brought us to each; and fate brought love to stay.
      Only you!



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