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To Marcy Howard

For years I’ve been the walking dead,
Yet love lived in heart and head,
As it seemed the world conspired; to leave me here alone,
Then one day you came along;inside a grave unknown.
Years were spent cultivating; an earlier planted seed,
All my choices taken away;while hidden inside weeds,
Can you see a single flower;if no others seem to bloom,
Or is our cell the world at large;all alone in a crowded room.
Can the things found with you;make this flower live,
As your heart justifies; the self abuse we give,
Words and actions sometimes confuse;the things we truly feel,
While we surely determine;the basis for our zeal.
Every day we analyze;the things perceived as wrong,
As our personal prejudices; silence love’s pure song,
Finally I’m allowed to see;that what we found is pure,
Even though change is hard;with a searching heart unsure.
Finally I hold you close; if only in my mind,
As the face I daily see;by life is now defined,
Positive and negative;all lost inside regret,
Finally the tears help me see;I still love you yet..,.
       Love lives!!!!!!



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