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The Past's Pull

To Marcy Howard

We’ve all done things through our lives,
That we’d rather not admit,
But it doesn’t mean we should be condemned,
To some mythical bottomless pit,
There is no need to have regrets,
Because its already over and done,
And though the past influences  us,
Should we deny the scars we’ve won.
As the past plays in our minds,
Are they forced into the heart,
Or does the heart tell the mind,
It sucks to be apart,
It seems an endless battle,
Between what’s real and what’s a dream,
Funny thing is neither wins,
They’re both on the same team.
The past chains us to our scars,
But all the locks have a key,
Yet when the keys discovered,
We wonder if we’ll be free,
Each persons answer may be different,
But in my dreams I clearly see,
It’s you that keeps me going,
It’s only you, that I need.
Though the past holds these scars,
We debate what is right,
I discover that without you,
It’s like living without light,
Without your light there’s darkness,
A snowstorm  that does not end,
And though the past is already gone,
It’s on those memories we depend.
.           Hail to the queen.



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