To Marcy Howard

Sometimes we look, at broken things,
With judgment in our eyes,
But what you see at first glance,
Is nothing more than a disguise,
It’s just a gifts wrapping,
For the person hidden inside,
At times we push away things,
That we don’t understand,
Listening to things we hear,
And to our hearts demands,
Hoping that the choices made,
Receive no reprimand.
Even something broken,
Still has a life inside,
Fixing all the damage done,
Ignoring that lone tear,
We look at what’s missing,
Hoping to fix what’s wrong,
Just through the need we feel,
Inside a familiar song.
Even though you run away,
And pretend you do not care,
Purposely trying to injure,
With words I do not hear,
I believe in the woman inside,
Believe that love is real,
And just because you try to hide,
You’re forgetting what you feel.
No matter what you say,
No matter how hard you try,
You can not make me believe,
That a lie was in your eye,
Even things that you wrote,
We both know are true,
And through all the falling snow,
Who I need is you.
      Keep trying!
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