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For Awhile

to Marcy Howard

As I wonder, about the future, what, is it, I will find,
Those dreams, that I once had, lost, inside my mind,
While these thoughts, once were held, it might seem, that hope, is gone,
Guess, it’s time, to rebuild, the walls, while, the future, moves right along.
It appears, that recent events, conspire, to make me wait,
For what I know, I already have, But will.the heart, arrive to late,
Two hearts, that shyly, reached out, found completion, of a soul,
And while, they, remain apart, neither of them, is whole.
Every, waking moment, I think, of only two,
One of them, Eileen, and the other, Marcy, is you,
But, through a course, of events, it seems, I’m now, alone,
For as time, slowly marches on, there’s no one, on the phone.
Twice, in life, I know, I’ve found, a love, born, deep inside,
Something, that will carry on, something I can’t hide,
Though, I know, my path ahead, only one thing, lights my way,
What, I found, with the both, of you, is here, and it’s here, to stay.
If I add up, my life’s events, in the sum, one thing, is clear,
I end up, way ahead, but it’s paid for, with the tears,
And always, if I close, my eyes, it quickly, brings, a smile,
Since, these love’s, are in a dream;guess, I’ll dream, for awhile!
               Love, lives forever.



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