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A Whisper Heard

To Marcy Howard

No one hears the pain at night,
Though in my dreams I’m not alone,
All the while through the days,
I think of what we’ve grown,
It seems the skeletons had their way,
We couldn’t fight their grasp,
As right now they live and breath,
Reaching out from the past.
No one sees the tears that fall,
They’re hidden by the dark,
And as they wash the pain away,
I’m glad they leave no mark,
Though a mark was surely made,
It wasn’t made by tears,
The mark was made upon my soul,
By a thing the skeletons fear.
There’s no way to forget unforgettable,
Something real which we both gave life,
While memory is uncontrollable,
Or cut away with a knife,
At times I feel like I’ve been cursed,
Yet I know that I’ve been blessed,
And as the skeletons whisper to us,
The reality lives in my chest.
Though the skeletons send their whispers,
And with their whispers assumption is fueled,
When two hearts find each other,
Each day love goes to school,
Struggling with all the whispers,
And struggling with the past’s fears,
And as these skeletons whisper,
Its only your voice I hear.
      Only you!!!



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