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To Marcy Howard

If the temperature outside is boiling,
On the inside, can we be cold,
Insulated by the pasts cruel scars,
And the memories that we hold,
Can we survive on love alone,
A fire that always burns,
Yet sometimes in the tale of love,
Alone, is what we earn.
A heart is not a commodity,
Though on television, its bartered and sold,
But if it lives in heart and mind,
Its more than the entertainment told,
Love survives life’s pouring rain,
The tears at night we cry,
It can survive its isolation,
With a power, we can’t deny.
Alone, it flourishes in heart and mind,
Its the smile on this face,
And as you do the things you must,
Love lives in every taste,
Though at times, its cold inside,
This heart still beats for you,
And even in the bitter cold,
Loves warmth, from me comes through.
     Only you!



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