From Dark to Light


A darkness enters a troubled mind,
Blood pours from a shredded heart,
Fingers of cold reach from within,
To tear a soul apart,
A skeleton dances with evil glee.
No flesh left on the bones,
Smiling as he somehow hears,
The silent screams and groans.
The darkness seems to swell and grow,
Time and space cease to exist,
The blackness invades a heart and mind,
Both powerless to resist,
It feels the heart was given away,
And the soul was cut in two,
As the skeleton’s dance stretches back,
To a time when dreams came through.
Memories from not so long ago,
Hang like jewelry in the mind,
And when the darkness closes in,
It’s you I can not find,
A memory becomes the one thing left,
That the skeleton hates to see,
The memory of how it feels,
To have you lying next to me.
So if clattering bones awaken me,
I summon a memory from the past,
And though it might be cold and dark,
Thoughts of you can only last,
In the dark a candle flickers,
It’s light comes shining through,
And all I need to remember,
Is I’m still in love with you.

February 14th, 2016

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