The Trail Ahead

to Marcy Howard

We walked, the trails, hand in hand, talking of things, to come,
And related, to each other, things, already done,
Making plans, for tomorrow, for things, we’d like to share,
Seeing, tomorrow, in each other’s eyes, happiness, if you dare.
Love settled, in a cabin, built, of real wood,
Hanging on, to a life, that we know, was good,
Yet somehow, something changed, somewhere, along the way,
Hidden in, all those thoughts, our voices, couldn’t say
In the whole, scheme of things, I find myself, still glad,
Holding on, to memories, of, the good times had,
It seems, nothing, in this world, can take me, away from you,
I close my eyes, and walk the trails, as the images come through.
Trials and tribulations, occur, all the time, but never, do they deter,
Love, is woven, in our lives, to this thought, we must refer,
I can, honestly, tell you, you’rein my heart, my mind and head,
Marcy, we love each other, let’s walk, the trail ahead!!!



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