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Hearts Hold


We can not see and can not know,
What will happen before it occurs,
And though we learn from experience,
Does the heart to the past refer,
Is it our hearts that remember,
Or is it our hearts and minds combined,
With pain and pleasure through it all,
Somehow, intertwined.
From one instant to the next,
Are we guided by our pasts,
While we acquire the fear of change,
With the premise that nothing lasts,
Along the way we’re reminded,
By our dreams within the night,
That even in the grasp of darkness,
Love holds out it’s light.
We believe the image in our mirrors,
Doesn’t cultivate it’s pain,
Even through a cold dark winter,
Seeds planted still remain,
Though guilt might become a waterfall,
Does that mean, in it we should drown,
Yet a dream revealed every night,
Proves love is still around.
Though at times it’s hard to function,
The heart still beats each day,
Though some things come and others go,
It’s love, that never goes away,
Simple things can mean alot,
Complicated doesn’t make it mean more,
And a heart holding someone in it’s arms,
Holds love inside it’s core.
It’s even possible for someone to be,
The thing that keeps us going,
Yet if that person is never seen,
Can we still see it’s love that’s showing,
There are times we can not see,
Our eyes become somehow blind,
And as we search through the darkness,
Are we looking to never find.
The picture might not be perfect,
But must we always weigh the cost,
Overlooking things we find,
As we pretend that love is lost,
Though tomorrow is uncertain,
It’s uncertainty need not be cold,
Because in the end it’s only love,
That through darkness our hearts hold.

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