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Heaven’s Hell


Through our lives we’re told to believe,
In so many different things,
Some are true and some are false,
And who knows what love can bring,
Love becomes our heaven,
While alone might become our hell,
And all the while we tell our mirror,
I’m doing pretty well.
In my dreams through the night,
I’m reminded what heaven can be,
A place where alone doesn’t exist,
Where this love is allowed to be free,
Though heaven differs for each of us,
In some ways it’s still the same,
Our heavens hold a price to pay,
And it’s alive in different names.
Religion talks of heaven,
And of course they mention hell,
Yet heaven can exist without them,
It’s all in in what our dreams tell,
It’s a place that lives in each of us,
That only our hearts can see,
And regardless of what others seem to think,
It’s alive inside of me.
Heaven for me is that moment in time,
Where our lips first met to kiss,
And hell becomes this time apart,
When your touch is all I miss,
Heaven is all those wonderful things,
That together we both found,
As hell takes on the abstract form,
Without your voice there is no sound.
Heaven becomes a place and time,
Where the dreams at night are true,
That place where I can hold you close,
Not this hell of missing you,
Heaven has it’s sights and sounds,
Your voice and the sparkle in your eyes,
A place far away from this loneliness,
That seems to be hell’s disguise.
I can see what my heaven is,
Not in my arms it’s in my heart,
So it seems I hold both heaven and hell,
For as long as we’re apart,
It has nothing to do with religion,
My heaven is the love that’s alive and well,
Just know I’ll hold you close again,
Before I’m swallowed up by this hell.

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