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I Only Hope

To Marcy Howard

I only hope that you live happy;though my wish is to see you smile,
Then this world’s pain might leave; if only for awhile,
A thought of you brings pleasure;while missing you is my pain,
Will the happiness of finding you; keep me dry through this rain.
I hope the smile I saw for me;by your heart is kept alive,
As the world passes by;loves already arrived,
I respect you for who you are;not who I’d like you to be,
And if it means nothing to you;it still means something to me.
I don’t even need a home;without you its not real,
And as I surely walk with you;when will we live what we feel,
I only hope that you soon approach;this place where loves in your eyes,
As you’ve given me tomorrow;inside a love that can not die.
         Love lives.



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