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The Path to Somewhere

To Marcy Howard

As we struggle to find our way,
The future is left unclear,
And as the past holds its allure,
The path will lead to somewhere,
Yet as we look to the past,
And contemplate mistakes we made,
What happens if the past looks better,
Then the role the present played.
If you step from one life,
To become what seems to be more,
If the past and present hold heartbreak,
Is a return to the past in store,
Can caring become a crutch,
As a violent past is lost,
But is the person who lives inside,
The person who is the cost.
As a person can you overcome,
All the things you may have caused,
Because is there any way to atone,
For the violence and its applause,
I can’t excuse my past behaviors,
Its that skeleton that’s never gone,
So maybe where I was back then,
Is where I now belong.
We all could blame so many things,
Excuses are easy to find,
While these memories seem to say,
The past’s not far behind,
When you feel the darkness call,
Think of that person for whom you care,
Keep her as your destination,
And you’ll have your path to somewhere.
      Only you.



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