to Marcy Howard

Though, right now, we are apart, in my mind, we’re together, still,
And as you say, you love me not, I know, you always will,
An excuse, gave you ammunition, a reason, to walk away,
Is it, just, a spin of the wheel, for who to hold today.
You might think, I should be bitter, yet, the opposite, is true,
Because, I, have learned, the hardest way, all I need, is you,
I’ve been told, I am obsessed, this woman, I must, let go,
But, there are things, they don’t see, and things, I truly know.
I think back, to points, in time, every memory, that we made,
The only, thing, that I regret, is that, we’re, apart, today,
As, these memories, make me smile, we walk, along a trail,
Looking at, the things, we pass, the telling, of the tale.
You want me, to say, good bye, and that thought, has crossed, my mind,
Yet, as the days, slowly pass, there’s nothing, left, to find,
We, discovered, many things, but question, what, we found,
As Avenged, floats through, the air, and there is, no other sound.
Recently, I said, good bye, to a person, important to me,
Yet now, I’m faced, with the thought, in prison, is where, I’ll be,
I can not, say good bye, to you, even, if it means, being alone,
For, there’s no way, to forget, the love to me, you’ve shown.
You can believe, what you will, judge me, without a chance,
But, while our music, softly plays, it’s with you, I slowly dance,
Marcy, I love you and always will, but there’s something, you should know,
I, will never, wave good bye, I can only say, Hello!!!!
            Never over.Love lives.Forever!!



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