The Summer Sands

To Marcy Howard

On a sandy beach one day,
Love went for a swim,
As a breeze blew dark hair around,
And two children wore a grin,
A vacation from the grind of life,
Our eden in the sand,
The boardwalk became our starting gate,
For the love that we began.
I know at times I misspoke,
And you believe that I don’t care,
But do you have any real clue,
How much I need you near,
The very thing that I hold close,
Are the things I found with you,
And as the sand slips through our hands,
I remember the beach a memory true.
The summer sand holds the warmth,
That we found inside our pain,
And the things we lost along the way,
Are the things we seek to regain,
We sacrificed ourselves for others,
Thinking that makes things right,
Just to keep people close,
And to push our discovery from our sight.
As the hourglass keeps it time,
And the summer sand slips away,
While each day I still hold you close,
And love lives every day,
The world is now a better place,
Because each day its you I hold,
For as I watch sand blow around,
Instead of you its me was sold.
     Only you!



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