Here Today

To Marcy Howard

Each of us is surely born, while we each will surely die,
And while we hold on to life, the truth lives in the eyes,
Sometimes there are revelations, that touch the very soul,
While if you find your other half, love might make you whole.
I must admit the things we find, come with their own price,
Never being realized, if you go by others advice,
Because one day in a moment, what you have could be what you miss,
And all the memories that we hold, can come from a single kiss.
Answers require questions, and searches require goals,
And once love is ignited, its a never dying coal,
While I hold a memory, of a smile on your face,
I thank you for what you started, which life can not erase.
A picture might be simple, just an image of the past,
Or a mirror for the future, an emotion that will last,
As you know we found each other, and on that discovery I will stand,
Holding on to what we found, and holding out my hand.
        We found.
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