Island Dream

To Marcy Howard

The dream, extends, beyond these shores;across, the mighty sea,
Across, the promises, beyond the lights;to an island, fantasy,
Soft, white sand, beneath, your feet;a breeze, blowing, your hair,
A cool, mixed drink, by your side;a smell, of cookies, in the air.
The dream, has, it’s, own mind;as the ocean, laps, at your feet,
Sitting on, this, tropical beach;everyday, it’s you, I meet,
It, will last, forever; or could die, inside the tears,
For me, it always, stays alive;without it, there’s only, fear.
Though, the dream, that I see, without you, is incomplete,
A fantasy, never filled;a memory, time can’t defeat,
The dream, covers, so many miles;and with storms, still, lives on,
And as, the sands, will always be;the dream, is, never gone.
The dream, awakens, yet never, sleeps;it’s in all, the things  you do,
It lives, inside, body and soul;and the torment, we go through,
And as, a breeze, stirs, your hair;the dream’s woven, in, life’s seam,
So, close your eyes and think of me;and we’ll, be in, this, Island dream
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