Let It Free

To Marcy Howard

In this world are you all alone,
Thinking no one understands,
An island even unto yourself,
Having, but with empty hands,
The mind seeks out a better place,
But inside can one be found,
Alone inside a crowded room,
A song without it’s sound.
An empty feeling assails the heart,
And it permeates into the soul,
With the knowledge that all the parts,
Without you can’t fill this hole,
A piece is missing from the heart,
And I know that piece is you,
While the hollow feeling inside the head,
Is the loneliness that shines through.
No matter how much we analyze,
What we have and what we don’t,
It doesn’t change what we need,
Though it could we know it won’t,
A single person holds the heart,
And with her live all my dreams,
As the silence in the night,
Is littered with my screams.
I’m sure that there are others,
Locked in this silent hell,
Though the participants are different,
In this pain I know so well,
The dilemma is how to change it,
To derive pleasure from this pain,
And the answer is very simple,
Loving you is what I gain.
Though physically we are alone,
That perception isn’t real,
Though I don’t hold you in my arms,
I still have what I feel,
I’m happy that there’s love inside,
Is it possible that’s enough,
Because having nothing to hold onto,
Is a role you’ll find that’s tough.
Inside the heart holds you close,
And it’s more than just a dream,
The love we found together,
Is a forever running stream,
I’m lucky to have found you,
And I’m glad that you found me,
While the one redeeming faith I have,
That this love will again be free.

January 14th, 2017

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