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Holding On

To Marcy Howard

I have, no resolutions; for, this brand new year,
Just hoping, that, the coming days; bring my angel, here
Time, it seems, does not exist;while, half of me, is gone,
As, I daily, punish myself;for everything, that went wrong.
Night time, is my prison;for these, crimes, of the heart,
Though, it’s said, time heals all; what of, a soul, ripped apart,
Even though the new year, begins;is it just, more of the same,
Just a picture, to hold on to;a memory, in a frame.
I’m happy, to have found her;yet, this silence, is a curse,
I just wish, she’d answer; me, ringing, in her purse,,
Just a glimpse, of her smile;or the aroma, of her perfume,
Could temporarily, erase the pain;that each day, resumes.
Everyone, tells me, move on;yet, I cannot, turn my back,
For, the person, that I need;is, the very one, I lack,
If holding on, Is a dream;an unrealistic, expectation,
Guess, I’ve already arrived; at my heart’s, destination.
I have faith, she understands;I, was learning, too;
And as experience, teaches, us all;I didn’t, know, what to do,
And though, a memory, is what, I hold;fond memory, can be tough,
And if, holding on, is all I have;today, it will be enough.
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