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Behind the Wheel

To Marcy Howard

Two cold yet sweaty hands, grip a steering wheel,
Steering to a time and place, when love was something real,
As the miles flash quickly by, there’s no place we really go,
While in the mind the memories, seem all that’s left to show.
Arms and neck begin to ache, but still we travel on,
Believing that the pain you leave, with time and distance  will be gone,
And when you find that paradise, it seems it was all imagination,
That all those things you thought you had, were pure exaggeration.
Then one day we finally see, what we search for we already had,
And all the many happy thoughts, no longer make us glad,
Behind the wheel we control, the places that we go,
But if you never start the car, there’s no way we can know.
Now a steer straight back to you, because you’re all that now makes sense,
Words cannot alter the course, the hearts lost all its defense,
And as the street signs flash right by, hurt is gone forever lost,
Because miles and money mean not a thing, if love becomes the cost.
Late at night I pass your house, hiding in the night,
Because if you’re doing what you like, my intrusion wouldn’t be right,
Our hearts steered a path to love, and this heart steers to you,
And with what we found firmly held, behind the wheel, straight to you.
.          We found!



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