Hope's The Fuel

To Marcy Howard

I might be a romantic fool,
But I believe the things we said,
Yet why am I here with empty arms,
And an instant replay in my head,
As I romantisize those things,
That we each processed we found,
It seems to be a note less song,
Yet I still can hear the song.
Bitterness might overtake a heart,
But with you there’s just a smile,
Even though the angel I held,
Flew in a little while,
I was shown what love was,
And you showed what it could be,
Though it seems a costly lesson,
It still lives in me.
The world can stand and shake its head,
Its laughter can fill the air,
Doesn’t really mean shit to me,
I’m not ashamed of how much I care,
Point a finger or call me names,
It doesn’t mean a thing,
I have the music in my head,
But have no will to sing.
The radio in my car is silent,
And there are love notes on the dash,
As I drive around these days,
It seems I’m driving to the past,
My destination is to your arms,
To feel that loving smile,
Hope is the fuel that keeps me going,
And I love you all the while.
      Only you.



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