I Believe


If we look back through the past,
What images do we see,
Can we feel all those things,
That we thought would set us free,
At times we might see faces,
Or see places and events,
Clouds may even fill our dreams,
As our scars prevent
The things we think of every day,
Those things we know are real,
Come to us without effort,
They’re the things inside we feel,
We might be lost inside a circle,
And at times might be alone,
But all the things you’ve shown to me,
In darkness have only grown.
Tears fall in this darkness,
And they’re tears that none can see,
But when asleep and dreaming,
Those tears help set us free,
All the things we found together
Taunt me in my dreams,
While in the silent darkness,
No one hears the dreams.
These arms might be empty,
And I see the heart is full,
And every waking moment,
Holds memories that pull,
Every night I feel your touch,
Each night I hear your voice,
Loving you each day remains,
And it comes without a choice.
Some have said that I’m a fool,
While others think me insane,
I just believe in what we found,
And know it always will remain,
I believe that this smile,
Only comes because of you,
And with the thoughts that come to me,
I believe in all you do.
Life must hold both good and bad,
It must hold both wrong and right,
Love for you still is real,
And you’ve become my only light,
We might be unsure of many things,
Yet ourselves we can’t deceive,
I hold the love that we found,
In you and love I still believe.

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