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I Will Not

to Marcy Howard

I will not give up on you, even if I could,
Though there’s days I must admit, It’d be easier if I should,
I will not forget the face, that rescued a drowning soul,
This broken heart won’t let me, because you’re the only thing I hold.
I will not let go the dreams, that visit me each night,
They’re what keep the smile alive, they’ve become my source of light,
I will not say good bye, I just wait to say hello,
To the eyes I know are true, I just let the feeling  grow.
I will not fade to black, I’ll use the words I  write,
To show you I’ll endure the pain, I’ll use the words to fight,
I will not lose faith in you, no matter where you are,
Because no matter where you might be, in spirit I’m not far.
I will not give up my hope, it’s the thing that keeps me alive,
And until I hold you in these arms, I’ll wait for you to arrive,
I will not listen to the words, that tell me to forget,
Since the day that I met you, it was my tomorrow I met.
I will not let go of love, Especially one I know is real,
Because just as you saw in my eyes, in yours I saw how you feel,
I will not turn my back, on a woman I know is true,
Because all my hopes and dreams are real, but they’re only real with you.
           Only you



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