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All I Can Say

to Marcy Howard

As we sit and ponder things, we look back at how things changed,
Some things still remain the same, they’re just slightly rearranged,
All the things we hold inside, our dreams and our ideals,
Are the very things we stand for, while a broken heart still feels.
Though the clock ticks it’s way, past the pain and sorrow,
What good are the things today, if it’s the same every tomorrow,
While the things we hold important, can not influence the past,
They influence today and tomorrow, within the things that always last.
Many things are hard to see, if right up in your face,
But when you stand back and look again, opinion might change place,
If you search for something lost, is it real or in the mind,
For those things that live in our thoughts, are the hardest things to find.
Yet when you take another look, and the thing still looks the same,
Maybe it really is what it is, for the doubt the minds to blame,
Few things in our short time here, stand up to that second looks scrutiny,
And if it remains after both looks, its the mind committing mutiny.
Now matter how I look at things, when awake or as I dream,
Every thought I have of you, is exactly what it seems,
Analyzed and scrutinized, it’s the same every day,
You’re the other half to my soul, and, I love you is all I can say.
           Still only you.



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