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To and From


Through our lives we’re conditioned to think,
Along a given path,
That society has the answers,
A thought that brings a laugh,
We’re inundated with reasons,
To be a part of all they preach,
And given strict criteria,
For all they want to teach,
We drive ourselves towards success,
To achieve at any cost,
And in the course of forward motion,
Our one true path is lost,
If we look to others for our path,
Are our hopes and dreams still real,
Does that mean we’re running from,
All the things we truly feel.
What moves one person,
May not move the next,
No answer is found in technology,
No direction in a text,
If we look to society for our direction,
Do we travel to or from our dreams,
Is any individualism,
Filled with indignant screams.
Through the years we’re often told,
To follow what’s in the heart,
So how do we sort what’s possible,
Can we accept all or just a part,
Where does desire take us,
To or from our dreams,
And when confronted with reality,
Is our path lost in our screams.
Direction comes from heart and soul,
Not from the things we’re told,
It’s something that our passions,
Give us dreams we truly hold,
If we look to the image in our mirrors,
There’s no one to run from,
And competing with another,
Is something that’s not done.
Late at night we look to our dreams,
But it’s then we’re fast asleep,
Unconsciously we grasp tomorrow,
Because in daylight it’s to far a leap,
We should be looking inward,
Look away from all we hear,
Only then are we true to ourselves,
As we turn away from our fear.

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