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To Marcy Howard

As I gaze into a mirror, its not just myself I see,
There are two other figures, standing there with me,
One stands with tear filled eyes, the other a loving stare,
Love lives in both their eyes, and the promise that they care,
And though surrounded by solitude, the past and future are they,
Knowing spoken words mean nothing, as this heart I must obey.
As possessions come and go, and peace is a fleeting thing,
A headstone holds a memory, of the pain love sometimes brings,
With a memory there’s no goodbye, though there might be tears,
While like me the other figure, struggles with her fears,
Both forever are parts of me, yet both for different reasons,
Am I wrong for needing both or is it part of this lifes treason.
At times I’m glad they can not see, that without them I am broken,
All because of three little words, that by each were spoken,
It seems that one is now a ghost, while the other alive and real,
While all I hold is empty space, and the thing I was taught to feel,
I  might feel empty inside, yet one thing fills the void,
Love was held in both their arms, but is it love that we avoid.
My own image, in the eyes, holds a certain pain,
Knowing that I hold the air, and their touch I can’t regain,
But with the pain lives a light, shining from brown eyes,
And to the love we found together, there never is goodbye,
These images now are part of me, my future and my past,
Yet I can smile with the thought, that with these images, love will last.



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