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Clear But Cold


The cold seeps in to aching bones,
It controls our minds and our thought,
And as we concentrate on keeping warm,
Our hearts and dreams are caught,
We’re left with all the things we feel,
As the cold freezes us in place,
While in our minds we’re still alive,
Our hearts having the dreams they chase.
We’re kept from going outside to walk,
Confined to the warmth inside,
As we dream of warm sunny days,
And the love a heart keeps alive,
We bundle up as we go out,
To avoid the freezing cold,
While cabin fever hits us all,
An echo of things we’re told.
Though it’s cold and frozen outside,
It need not permeate the heart,
Cold can exist on a sunny day,
When two souls are kept apart,
We can not control nature’s weather,
And love can’t be directed where to go,
Greenery lies beneath the ice,
Though right now it doesn’t show.
At times our thoughts might freeze us in place,
Leaving a heart feeling empty and cold,
But it’s just a temporary state of mind,
If in the heart it’s love we hold,
A cold wind might blow snow around,
And the waters may even freeze,
Yet deep inside a fire burns,
As in love the heart believes.
Sometimes faith might be all we have,
Is it enough to keep us warm,
Can we push the cold away,
If we see an approaching storm,
Does cold come only from an external force,
Can cold freeze the heart inside,
Stemming from a broken heart,
That we try so hard to hide.
We all are only who we are,
And the cold is what it is,
But cold can be a part of us,
If ourselves we can’t forgive,
That cold wind may blow our dreams around,
Leaving us frozen and all alone,
But every spring new growth is found,
Though right now love seems alone.

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