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Change The Season


Spring has finally taken the stage,
As another year flies by,
While time exerts it’s unavoidable grasp,
Traveling towards the day we’ll die,
With age the seasons soon are past,
And we cling to our younger days,
The body sort of wearing out,
A tired machine in so many ways.
I’ve watched the seasons bring to me,
So many things worth while,
That first kiss so many years ago,
More recently your smile,
Passing time makes it easier,
To grow accustomed to being alone,
You grow used to always missing,
And the pain remains unknown.
Moments come filled with deja vu,
It seems we’ve been this way before,
Those moments always replaying,
To leave us continually wanting more,
It brings to me a time of year,
When we first walked through the morning dew,
And in the moonlight under the stars,
My heaven was only you.
Things we did and places we went,
Points in time that are very real,
Moments of pleasure and those of pain,
Though gone that I still feel,
A warm summer morning with coffee,
Together sitting on a porch,
The seasons changing bring these things,
Our path lighted by love’s torch.
As the seasons come and go,
Can emotions do the same,
Reaffirming things we feel,
And in those memories lives your name,
Attached to those memories is a time and place,
And the emotions contained within,
Though we travel far and wide,
Spring is when it begins.
A smile lights a tortured face,
As the seasons tell their tale,
An omen for the season to come,
And an emotion we know can’t fail,
A warm soft breeze anoints the face,
Promising the cold will soon disappear,
And as the breeze ushers in change,
It’s amazing what the seasons share.

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